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The Matinee February 11th


The Matinee February 11th heads to Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and the US of A for today’s compilation of new music. And as diverse the places are, the music below is more expansive. Find indie rock, garage rock, lush synth-pop, orchestral electro-pop, spaghetti western, and baroque pop on The Matinee.


Eliza Shaddad – “Run” (London, UK)

Eliza Shaddad - "Run"Last year, Eliza Shaddad had one of our favorite songs with “Wars”, and the song’s release hinted at possible new music from the London-based singer-songwriter. Sure enough, she has shared a new single, “Run”, which is the title track from her forthcoming EP. “Run” evidences everything we love about Shaddad – an ability to make every song a personal drama for the listener and, therefore, captivate the listener with every spoken work and note played, even if song tracks in over five minutes like “Run”. There’s not a single wasted note. No second is wasted. Space isn’t wasted on meaningless solos or repetitive choruses. Everything has a purpose, and in the case of “Run” it is creating that feeling of being pursued or attempting to escape from one’s troubles. But when it comes to Shaddad, we’ll be running toward her, particularly when Run comes out March 18 via Beatnik Creative.

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Fizzed – “Oh Donovan” (Columbus, USA)

Fizzed - "Oh Donovan"There are always songs or a specific musical genre that makes us go, “Oh yeah”, when we hear it. Fuzzed out, psychedelic, garage rock does it for me, especially if the band sounds like Thee Oh Sees. So when I listened to Fizzed‘s track, “Oh Donovan”, you could imagine what my reaction was. The quartet from Columbus, Ohio unabashedly are fans of the John Dwyer fronted band. From the distorted guitars to frontman Christian Pierce’s high-pitched vocals to the unrelenting tempo, this track bleeds the Thee Oh Sees, which is why we love it.

“Oh Donovan” is Fizzed’s first single with boutique label World of Birds Records. Fizzed comprises of Christian Pierce (guitar/vocals), Jim Calder (bass), Mike Nosan (drums), and Darren Latanick (guitar).



Lake Ruth – “The Inconsolable Jean-Claude” (New York City, USA)

Lake Ruth - "The Inconsolable Jean-Claude"Another song that immediately caught our attention is “The Inconsolable Jean-Claude by New York’s Lake Ruth, who, you could say, is a mini-super group. Comprising of frontwoman Allison Brice of The Eighteenth Day Of May, instrumentalist Hewson Chen of The New Lines, and drummer Matt Schulz – he of Holy Fuck, SAVAK, Enon – the trio’s debut single echoes of the ’50s and ’60s pop music that flowed through the airwaves in Paris and London. It’s trippy, haunting, and alluring, a cinematic tune that will take you on a journey down memory lane.

Lake Ruth’s debut 7″, which includes this track, drops February 22nd, 2016 via The Great Pop Supplement.

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Grace Vonderkuhn – “Most Loved” (Wilmington, DE, USA)

Grace Vonderkuhn - "Most Loved"Many of us are fans of Delaware native Grace Vonderkuhn, an extremely gifted guitarist and an artist whose blistering garage-rock echoes of Ty Segall’s trailblazing ways. Her new single, “Most Loved”, represents a new sound. As oppose to blazing and fuzzed out guitars, we are presented with lush synth loops, the tapping of an electric drum, and Vonderkuhn’s voice taking on a bedroom-whisper quality. It’s more Marissa Nadler than Ty Segall, but this song is equally as dazzling.

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Mantocliff – “These Words” (Basel, Switzerland)

Mantocliff - "These Words"Music that belongs in either a dance hall, a jazz club, or a rooftop bar, that’s the best way to describe the music of Swiss quintet Mantocliff. Comprised of five gifted musicians, Mantocliff blend classical, electronic, and pop into one scintillating combination. Their latest song, “These Words”, is a perfect example of their approach, a song that quietly stuns and weaves a dreamlike spell on you. With this track, their forthcoming debut album, Umbilical, rises near the top of the list. It arrives March 4th.

Mantocliff are Nives Onori (vocals/piano/guitar), Jan Sutter (bass/programming), Michael Anklin (drums/percussion), Johannes Maikranz (guitar), and Raphael Rosse (trombone/euphonium).

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Pauline Andrès – “Drive Like Steve McQueen” (Berlin, Germany)

Like a lone gunslinger emerging from the dust but one armed with a clever tongue and a guitar, Pauline Andrès‘ lead single for her forthcoming, new album is an unexpected and astonishing surprise. With its haunting, spaghetti western sound, “Drive Like Steve McQueen” is the anthem for the underdog. A song for people who find that extra ounce of courage to do something extraordinary.

And extraordinary is this song, which only heightens expectations for Andrès’ sophomore album, The Heart Breaks, which drops April 15th.

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