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The Matinee April 1st


The Matinee April 1st includes a little bit of everything today. We hope you have an awesome Friday and possibly discover your new favorite song. We have some great tracks that run the gamut of indie rock. We have bands representing the Australia, the US and the UK.

Cavalry – “Everything” (Liverpool, England)

Cavalry - "Everything"

“Everything” is the newest single from Merseyside quintet Cavalry. The band has already had success with their two previous single releases and some great opening support for the likes of British Sea Power.

“Everything” showcases the band’s talent for meticulously placed melodies with succinct lyrics. The track pleads “please give in, don’t go back”. The tempo is never rushed as the track unfolds into a beautiful reminder that we all have choices of how to live our lives.

“Everything” is out today via Fierce Panda Records and will be available to purchase on iTunes and Spotify.

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Hockey Dad – “So Tired” (Windang, Australia)

Hockey Dad - "So Tired"

We have been fans of Hockey Dad since 2014 and they have a new release, “So Tired”. This was another band we really wanted to see at SXSW but didn’t get a chance to catch them.

Hockey Dad have a talent for producing punk inspired surf vibes with a tinge of shoegaze. “So Tired” is their latest release which is upbeat and cheery even though the lyrics repeat “I can’t I can’t I can’t fight it, I’m so tired”.

We are super excited to hear more from Hockey Dad. “So Tired” is the lead single from their upcoming debut album, Boronia.

Hockey Dad are Zach Stephenson (guitar/vocals) and Billy Fleming (drums/vocals).

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Ian Bern – “Enough” (somewhere in the USA)

Ian Bern - "Enough"

Today we are sharing the debut track “Enough” from Ian Bern who with his first release is producing some awesome laid back rock.

Bern has an almost Dylan-esque vocal quality with chilled out rock vibes akin to War on Drugs. The track is smooth yet has a sense of urgency that commands your attention and keeps you listening from start to finish.

Having grown up living city-to-city throughout the continental US, Bern embodies a distinctly Heartland-rooted sound that traverses the spirit of rock-and-roll’s roots. We look forward to hear more from Bern especially based on his impressive debut track. “Enough” is officially out April 22nd digitally.



Kabiria – “Hold Me Down” (Columbus, OH, USA & Vancouver, Canada)

Kabiria - "Hold Me Down"

“Hold Me Down” is the latest from newcomer duo Kabiria. They describe themselves as: the music playing in a young Kate Bush’s headphones as she roller skates along the sunset-drenched Santa Monica pier in her daisy dukes and a Dr. Dre crop top.

“Hold Me Down” is upbeat synth pop with a touch of attitude. It’s definitely a song you want to embrace for any playlist where you need to immediately uplift your mood.

Kabiria is comprised of Chris Dang and Gretchen King and their vast influences of G-funk, synth pop, 90s electronica, trip hop, and chillwave come shining through with each release.

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Pumarosa – “Cecile” (London, England)

Pumarosa - "Cecile"

Pumarosa can’t help from releasing stellar tracks. We are sharing their latest, “Cecile”.

The track is filled with those amazing vocals and calls out to “Give me your love Cecile”. “Cecile” starts off with an almost 80s new wave vibe and then later erupts into an amazing display of commanding guitar, wailing sax and pounding percussion.

“Cecile” is the second single from Pumarosa, the London-based quintet whose debut single “Priestess” amazed us in September and was included in our year-end playlist. “Cecile” is available via Chess Club (UK) and Mom + Pop Music (US). Pumarosa is expected to release an EP soon, possibly May.

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San Fermin – “Shiver” (Brooklyn, USA)


Today we have a bit of a collaboration track from Brooklyn based San Fermin and the UK’s Sam Amidon.

The track “Silver” was recorded while San Fermin recently was on tour with Amidon. Per Ellis Ludwig Leone (via NPR): “‘Shiver’ was born while we were on tour together in the chilly Northeast and Midwest this past December. It started with an iPhone recording of Sam’s five year-old son Arthur banging on some drums at the venue in Providence, which I turned into a beat.

“Sam wrote a banjo line and played a violin solo over that, which we recorded on stage in the minutes before doors opened at our show in Columbus. Once the tour was over, I set the Simic poem (Sam’s idea), Allen (Tate) laid down vocals and some of the band members came in to flesh things out. Sam sent over his vocal track from London and that was that.”

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