Everyone has an album that they will cherish forever because it represents an important time in our lives. A record that we spin at any time because each and every song is tied to a specific moment; ones that we never wish to let go. This everlasting feeling resonates on Why We Run‘s terrific debut album, Holograms.

Holograms is full of memories in which a melancholic cloud hovers above the album. The sadness is not so much remorse or regret but just reflection of what happened and what did not. While the introspective nature of the album is akin to The National’s brooding indie rock, sonically Why We Run combine the cinematic rock of Local Natives with the prog-rock vibes of bands like The Amazing to create a sound that is immensely intimate, at times sensual, and always breathtaking.

The Sydney-based quartet’s artistry is best displayed on “Where I’ll Be Waiting”, which takes the blissful towards the euphoric. “A Moment to Return” is a shimmering, uplifting track that gives the feeling of coming home and seeing loved ones for the first time in ages. “Hologram”, meanwhile, displays the Why We Run’s ability to take a solemn and retrospective song and turn it into something exhilarating.

“Air Between Us” and the slow building “Hallway” offer two additional songs of love and separation. Founded in the sounds of the ’80s, the two songs further evidence the band’s ability to create songs that are not only auditory stimulating but incite vivid images in your mind. On “All You Ever Wanted” and “Comfortable Lie”, Why We Run can take even the most apprehensive moments and make them sound blissful and even hopeful. Call it naïve optimism or false hope, this is a young band that will not let even the most dire of moments to bring them down.

This last statement may be the biggest takeaway from Holograms – that no matter the circumstances there is always hope and the possibility of a miracle, as the band sings on “Where I’ll Be Waiting”. The album, itself, may have been a miracle for Why We Run, who worked diligently over two-and-a-half years to share their debut. It is no wonder they have given us a stunning album, one that for many will be the new soundtrack of their lives.

Holograms is out now. Purchase it on iTunes (AUS | US | CAN). Why We Run are Nic Cogels, Nick Langley, Ed Prescott, and Lloyd Prescott.

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Why We Run - "Holograms"

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