Stef LangSmall-town girl moves to the big city in search of fulfilling her childhood dreams. It is a familiar story line, but one that does not always lead to success. For every Taylor Swift, there are thousands of aspiring singer-songwriters who toil each day looking for their big break. Can emerging talent Stef Lang buck the trend?

The native of Ladysmith, British Columbia, which is a small town on Vancouver Island, Lang is now based in New York City. The Big Apple provides the perfect setting for the Canadian artist, who has moved away from her early pop and folk-pop leanings to creating a mixture of R&B, electronic, and progressive soul. This change seems like Lang has pulled away the veil and niceties of her rural upbringing to embrace the vibrancy of the big city. Her transformation is reflected on her new single, “Warrior Face”, which we are pleased to premiere today.

The song is for anyone who has been knocked down and has struggled to rise up again. However, within each of us, there lies, as Lang tells us, a strong soul who will not succumb to anything. The oppressor could be an individual, the system, an illness, or all of the above. The song is, as such, is about anything and everything that forces us to be in subordinate positions.

“Warrior Face” is part of a broader initiative that Lang has embarked on – one part musical and another part social awareness. Following the release of her two-EP series Arrows, which “Warrior Face” is on the second EP, Lang explains what is next for her:

I’ll be joining forces with a campaign dedicated to raising awareness on Mental Health called “Dare 2 Express.” I’m writing and producing the theme song called “Stronger”, which is based on my own personal experiences with mental health and depression.  I’m very passionate about this cause and intend on donating all the sales of the song towards the charity. The song is anthemic, inspirational and I hope it helps others through their battles of mental health.

Lang is not merely a gifted singer-songwriter but also a fine humanitarian, and we will be rooting for her to reach the same summit as Taylor Swift. Imagine how many people Lang could inspire and touch.

Arrows Pt. 1 is out now and can be heard on SoundCloud. Part 2 is due out later this year.

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