Whoever came up with the phrase “Weird is wonderful” must have had Bad Pop in mind. For nearly a decade, the Vancouver trio have made the unusual anthemic, the bizarre humorous, and the ordinary odd. Bad Pop are extremely unique, which is an understatement. They are also one of the most entertaining and fun live bands on the planet. Hanging out with them even for an hour likely would feel like a laugh-a-thon. Take for instance their experience at SXSW this year, where they “hung out” with Kanye West.

This time around, they’re hanging out – or, more accurately, worshipping – ’80s icon “Linda Ronstadt” on their new single that we are pleased to premiere today. In typical Bad Pop fashion, this song is awesome. How often do you hear a fiery indie rocker laced with sizzling violin? Practically never, yet the band seamlessly integrate the stringed instrument into their oft-kilter style. The song is dramatic but fun, a bit weird but contagious. It’s like a hallucination taking place in the land of Oz and watching Linda Ronstadt skip down the Yellow Brick Road with three sweaty, over-energetic rockers. They would be Chris Connelly (vocals/guitar), Catherine Hiltz (bass/vocals/trumpet), and Aaron Klassen (drums/vocals). Hmm, that would make for one fine remake, so don’t be surprised if the video for the song is something just like this.

Stream the song below. Alternative purchasing and streaming options are available here.

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