A few artists and bands released at least two records this year – and one of them surprisingly was not King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. One band to achieve this feat this year is Austin-based Why Bonnie, which is the project born from the mind of Blair Howerton. Their first EP of 2018 was the outstanding In Water, which took dream-pop to more blissful places. Three months later, they released Nightgown, which is even more tantalizing and jaw-dropping.

While the EP is only five songs long, Why Bonnie showcase many sides of their artistry. The two versions of “Gold Rush” captures the quintet’s ability to, on the one hand, create majestic dream-pop and, on the other hand, take us to a secretive nightclub with a subtly delirious remix. With “In Parking Lots”, however, Howerton returns to the intimacy of her bedroom with the lo-fi, 8-track approach. It’s a simple but beautifully realized number, where the delicate instrumentation provides the canvas to her alluring vocals. As a full band, however, they can achieve euphoria, as demonstrated on sublime jangliness that is “Hollow Moon”.

At the heart of the EP and the song that best demonstrates the five-piece’s mastery is the jaw-dropping “Stereo”. As the song builds, it enters a wistful, dream-like atmosphere, where one easily becomes lost within Why Bonnie’s sonic spell. However for Howerton, this dream is not so grand, as she recalls listening to the stereo with someone close. Those days, however, are now gone. For the Austin-based band, however, their days are just beginning. Eventually, with their diverse talents and their ability to leave all those in their wake in awe, they could very well be the Alvvays of the next decade if not sooner.

Why Bonnie are Howerton, Kendall Powell, Mitchell Lamon, ham soudek, and Chance Williams. Nightgown is out on Sports Day Records. Pick it up on Bandcamp.

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