Leon Bridges released Good Thing as a follow up to 2015’s Coming Home. We hear a nice evolution from the Fort Worth, TX native. On this album he had help from producer Ricky Reed, (Twenty One Pilots, Halsey, Meghan Trainor and Maroon 5).

Bridges’ debut album was pure 60s soul and we see a nice evolution which crosses between retro soul and modern R&B (Pharrell comes to mind on some tracks). The stand out tracks of the album are “Bet Ain’t Worth The Hand” which has a retro 70s vibe as he sings about fear of commitment. “Forgive You” is lovely soaring track that speaks to letting go of resentment and truly forgiving someone.

“Mrs.” is a delectable love song that is for all those relationships out there that have that ultimate push and pull but a definite physical connection. “Georgia to Texas” is a lovely jazz inspired tribute to his mother. “Beyond” is the ultimate love song where Mr. Bridges feels most comfortable. His vocals are dripping with soul and the lyrics would be the perfect dedication track if you feel she might be “the one”. “Bad Bad News” has a much more modern sound with a jazz-funk groove and where the comparison to Pharrell comes in.

With Good Thing, we see a growth within the sound of Mr. Bridges. His talent has been undeniable ever since he started releasing singles in 2015. His newest release rivals his debut album. Good Thing is a stand out album of the year and is a nice step change for the talented musician. So far Mr. Bridges is able to tackle 50-60s inspired soul, as well as retro and modern R&B. It seems like he could be the next Pharrell if he wanted to go all out and turn pop, he could. With both albums released so far, though he truly feels most at home a few decades in the past.

Good Thing is out on Columbia Records, and it can be ordered here.

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