The Matinee July 14th kicks off the weekend with some shimmering new tunes. Well, there are also some rockers and brooding numbers, but we’re sure you’ll find something to add to your playlist. Let’s get started.

Cherryshoes – “I Was A God” (Hay On Wye, Wales)

RIYL: Chelsea Wolfe, Anna von Hausswolff, early Zola Jesus

Since releasing their debut single, “Ride On”, nearly two years ago, Cherryshoes have surprisingly hovered under the radar. Granted, they haven’t been exactly busy with releasing much new music since – at least not until yesterday. Out of the blue, the Welsh group shared four new songs, each of which are worth listening to and can be heard on SoundCloud. The standout track, at least in our ears, is “I Was A God”.

Like a long black shadow emerging from the pale moonlight, “I Was A God” is a dark, titillating song that reaches out from behind and startles you at first. As the song continues, it grabs hold of your attention and never lets go. Frontwoman Lisa Mottram’s vocals are tantalizingly distant, almost like the whisper coming from behind the curtain. The instrumentation is part jazz, part haunting indie rock, and part film-noir. It’s a gorgeous number that might have you reflecting on your own vulnerability and those who govern us. Let’s hope Cherryshoes will be sticking around a little longer, and BBC starts sharing this talented quintet’s mesmerizing music.

Cherryshoes are Lisa Mottram (vocals), Dave Prescott (keyboards), Robert Robinson (bass), Adrian Williams (guitar), and Des Davies (guitar).

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FAIRCHILD – “High As A Kite” (Gold Coast, Australia)

RIYL: Bravestation, INXS, Why We Run

FAIRCHILD are back with a new release titled “High As A Kite”. After a two-year stint in Manchester, England, the band has now gone back to the Gold Coast. “High As A Kite” is a track that has a sense of urgency and a bit of emotion rolled up into the jagged guitars and 80s-inspired synth. The vocals are always soothing to listen to and the track completely draws you in.

Frontman Adam Lyons shares a bit about the track:

“I first wrote High As A Kite on piano and it sounded quite sweet. But by the time we were in the studio, the track had morphed into this sort of passive aggressive anthem. I could detect this vein of anger running through the whole song. There was nothing about it that made you want to pump your fist or break something. It’s the sort of anger you swallow every time you have to bite your tongue and think something instead of saying it. The anger you hold back.”

FAIRCHILD’s forthcoming, debut album, So Long and Thank You, drops August 4th via their own label, Canvas Sounds.

Fairchild are Adam Lyons (vocals), Nathan Lyons (keyboard), Tim Voeten (guitar), Patrick Huerto (guitar),Tommy Davies (bass), and James Alexander (drums).

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FØRD – “Shadows” (feat. Samsaruh) (Byron Bay & Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Flume, XYLO, Lostboycrow

FØRD has just released a brand new track titled “Shadows” featuring the intoxicating vocals of Samsaruh. We’ve previously featured the talent of Ford Miskin who goes by the moniker of FØRD.

WIth “Shadows”, the duo deliver smooth and silky beats with a nice hip-hop/R&B influence shining through. FØRD continues with his knack for choosing the most outstanding vocalists to shine alongside his slick production that always perfectly frames the star vocal talent and offers a beat that you just can’t help but move to.

After first listen you would not ever assume that FØRD is just 18, as he is spitting out tracks like a veteran EDM artist  and has huge potential to break out in a big way this year.

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Gallant – “Cruisin'” (feat. Andra Day) (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Smokey Robinson

Gallant is back with his smooth and sultry vibes that continually excite with each new release. Even though this rendition of “Cruisin” we are still mesmerized and their turn on this Smokey Robinson classic is stellar.  Christopher Gallant’s vocals are borderline angelic during this track. The addition of Ms. Andra Day’s vocals just take it to another level. Even though this is not an original song, it’s so amazingly done, it is definitely worth a share.

So far in 2017, Gallant has just released a couple of singles since his debut album Ology. We hope that there is more to come from Gallant this year, these awesome cover/collaborations are always a nice treat for old and new fans.

Song has been released by Mind of a Genius and Warner Bros. Records.

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Haunted Summer – “Every Step” (Highland Park, CA, USA)

RIYL: No Joy, COVES, Cocteau Twins

Every summertime playlist needs some sparkling shoegaze dream pop. These are songs that make you want to spin deliriously around within the swirling guitar riffs and the hazy vocals, yet they create the feeling that one is floating in the air. When the song comes to an end, you can finally exhale. This is exactly the effect Haunted Summer‘s new single, “Every Step” has.

Like the Cocteau Twins and No Joy before them, the wife-and-husband project of Bridgette Moody and John Seasons have created a dazzling number. Seasons’ guitar work is akin to Robin Guthrie – exploding like fireworks on New Year’s Day yet possessing the shimmering quality that leaves you in awe. Moody’s vocals, meanwhile, are intoxicating and breathtaking, particularly in the final twenty seconds when they take on a Hope Sandoval-like quality. The outro is truly an “OMG” moment. The only criticism we have about this song – it’s too short. It could easily be an eight-minute epic, and we would have loved every second.

“Every Step” is from Haunted Summer’s forthcoming new album, Spirit Guides. It comes out September 29th.

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Nadine Shah – “Holiday Destination” (London, England)

RIYL: PJ Harvey, Emma Ruth Rundle, TORRES

Nadine Shah is unquestionably one of the most important singer-songwriters today. Never one to shy away speaking her mind and fighting for the rights of the oppressed and powerless, she has become a new generation’s PJ Harvey. As her new album is nearly 6 weeks from arriving, Shah has shared a few songs to date. The first was “Out The Way”, which was an epic rocker about the rising tide of nationalism. The second single was the lies being spread by those in power and their “Yes Men”, another gripping indie-rock tune. Her third single is equally provocative.

“Holiday Destination” is an earth-shaking, brooding rocker that is akin to PJ Harvey’s work of the past decade, particularly on Let England Shake. The song methodically builds with just the strategic placement of the trumpet interrupting the pace and Shah’s vocals. Her focus this time is on immigration and refugees, and how the West ignores the conditions and struggles of those fleeing countries that are in constant conflict. As she repeats, “How are you going to sleep at night”, remember these words that she shares about the song:

“(This song is” a response to this really harrowing news piece about migrants and refugees arriving on the shores of Kos in Greece by the thousands. There were some holidaymakers being interviewed and they were talking about how the situation was ruining their holiday. Despite their total and complete lack of empathy the thing which shocked me most was their bold and unashamed stance of saying such things on national television.

The song is also streaming on YouTube and Spotify.

Shah’s new album, Holiday Destination, will be released on August 25th via 1965 Records.

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Swimming Girls – “2 Kids” (Bristol, England)

RIYL: Lorde, Anteros, Ladyhawke

A month ago, Swimming Girls made our ears perk up with their ’80s-inspired, Cocteau Twins-like song, “Tastes Like Money”. Yesterday, they released their latest single, “2 Kids”, which has the hairs on the back of our necks standing tall.

A mix of Lorde’s debut and the dream-pop of Lush, “2 Kids” is a stunningly lush and dreamy song. The slight tinges of the crystalline guitar are stirring while the rhythms flutter in the background like when one’s heart accelerates when seeing the “one” for the first time. Vanessa Gimenez’s voice, however, is what stands out and completely steals your breath away. At first, she takes on the gravelly tones of the Kiwi superstar before transforming into a beautiful soaring majestic akin to Pip Brown (Ladyhawke). The finale is wonderfully cinematic and, like this entire song, a true heart stopper. This band is going places – very far and very big.

In addition to Vanessa Gimenez, Swimming Girls are Max Blunos, Jay Bell, and Robert Primrose.

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UPSAHL – “Can You Hear Me Now” (Phoenix, USA)

RIYL: Sylvan Esso, The Kills, Joy Downer

Seems like a lot of bands are getting younger by the day. Take Phoenix-based quintet UPSAHL, who started their careers at the age of 15- and 16-years old (and maybe younger). They started off doing covers and gained a bit of a YouTube following. As they’ve gotten older and entered adulthood (but they’re still teenagers), their focus has been on creating original music. Let’s be frank, not every young band can write music that stands out from the pack and offers something creative. Well, UPSAHL are changing things, and they’ve smartly called on the assistance of Max Frost (one of our long-time favorites) for their latest single.

“Can You Hear Me Now” is more than just an enticing earworm. It is one of the indie-pop songs of the year. Catchy, smart, thoughtful, and original, the song will have you shaking your hips and wiggling your shoulders. Frost’s influence can be heard on the upbeat and groovy rhythms and in the song’s pace. But the personality is all UPSAHL, namely frontwoman Taylor Upshal, whose taut but sweet vocals mask the assertiveness in her lyrics. She’s not singing about wanting to rekindle a relationship, but rather in her own way telling an ex he doesn’t know what he’s missing and what he’s lost. In others, she has kindly said, “Screw off”. No wonder this song hit the top of the Hype Machine charts.

UPSAHL are Taylor Upsahl, Dale Goodman, Anthony Germinaro, Rachel Rinsema, and Ryan Upsahl.

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Wild Cub – “Speak” (Nashville, USA)

RIYL: Atlas Genius, Colony House, Grizfolk

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Wild Cub. After their 2014 release of Youth that included the super infectious “Thunder Clatter”, they are slowly releasing new music.

“Speak” is their newest single release and it’s quite upbeat and catchy even though the lyrics describe the end of  a relationship. With Wild Cub’s evolving sound, we hear a bit more synth in this track yet with a huge anthem-like vibe. Lyrically, the band reminisces about a relationship that is ending as the lyrics state: “We felt so far away from each other, no matter what we said we couldn’t reach one another.”

If you cannot stream the song, check out the lyric video here.

Wild Cub’s second album is due out later this year via Mom & Pop Music.

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