The Dears

The Dears delighted their UK-based fans on Saturday night with 90 minutes of nothing but music. With barely a break for Murray Lightburn to let the band know he was ready for the next song, the Montreal duo had the packed-out London venue dancing and singing along to their packed out setlist.

Opening with “Take It to the Grave”, an epic electro-pop song that, like many of their songs, sees Murray and Natalia sharing the vocals.

Murray spent the night switching between his guitars and his taped-up tambourine. Natalia stayed on keys, and her sugary voice mixes well with Murray’s as the pair switch between main vocals and backing. The Dears picked songs throughout their extensive catalogue for this set. At the end, the lights flashed, the crowd cheered, and Murray returned solo to the stage declaring, “I’m going to play something I wanna play. It’s all about me. I could play this and make a complete arse out of myself,” before treating the crowd to a beautiful acoustic rendition of “Ticket to Immortality”.

The Dears are currently on an October tour of the UK before heading back to the US and Canada for November. All tour details can be found on their website.

Times Infinity Volume Two was released earlier this year and is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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Fabrizio Cammarata

Due to the wonder that is the London train system, I only managed to catch the last couple of songs of Fabrizio’s set. One thing is obvious – the Italian singer shows the emotion of his songs.

His last song, “La Llorona“, is sung in Italian, and you could just close your eyes and picture yourself at a beach bar with a beer and him wandering around you with his guitar.

Fabrizio is touring around Europe for the rest of the year. Dates and tickets can be found on his website.

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