We head to Spain for a really cool track. Neuman is an indie shoegaze rock band from Murcia, which is between Alicante and Cartagena, and they’ve been around since 1999, although their notoriety has been limited to pretty much Spain. Well, thanks to the internet and Soundcloud, their music might just be heard all over the world.

In May of this year, they released If, which can be downloaded on iTunes and eMusic, and from that album is the stellar “Battle Starship”. The song stands out from the entire album for both its length (over 8 minutes) and its dreamy, hypnotic sound. The song builds and builds, much in the same ways the tracks on Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s Only Run. The song may leave you yearning for much, much more.

Neuman consists of Paco Roman (guitars, vocals), Fernando Lillo (piano, keys), David Manzullo (bass), Alex Dumdaca (drums), and Juan Salinas (guitar).

Facebook – Neuman
Twitter – @NEUMANmusic


Photo by Ivan Pujol

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