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Rendition: Remixes by COIN and RAC


Here’s the third volume of Rendition, a weekly feature that looks at some new remixes. Find Volume 1 here and number two over here.

This week’s Rendition features Remixes by COIN and RAC. As always, we also share the original.


COIN remixes Elohim’s “She Talks Too Much”

In May, the mysterious LA artist Elohim released her debut single, “She Talks Too Much”, which became an immediate hit with bloggers, writers, and fans, including us. Four months later, the song still has plenty of traction within the indie community, as Nashville quartet COIN, another band we’ve featured in the past, have offered their own rendition of the song. They haven’t completely changed it, choosing instead to slow down the single a touch, strip back the electronic beats while adding a few synth flourishes, and dial up the guitar a tad. The remix stays true to the original, focusing on Elohim’s voice and the song’s poppy melody.

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COIN - Elohim

RAC’s take on filous’ “How Hard I Try” (ft. James Hersey)

Eighteen year-old, Austrian producer filous is one of the most played artists on the internet. His remixes get played millions of times over, as people, including yours truly, gravitate to this warm, lush, ambient vibes. The young musician has a knack for taking any song and creating a laid-back, summery mood, including with the folk balladry of Damien Jurado and Jose Gonzalez. Another way to think of filous’ sound – if Justin Vernon and Bon Iver focused solely on producing, they would sound like filous.

Last month, filous released his debut EP, Dawn (iTunes / SoundCloud) working with a number of artists to provide the vocal track, such as fellow Vienna-native, singer-songwriter James Hersey. Like his remixes, “How Hard I Try” is a radiant, ambient pop track. A couple of weeks ago, another big-time producer, Portland, Oregon-based RAC, added his own touches, specifically a bit more electric drums and more synth. The most notable difference is the ending, where RAC has extended the song and included a terrific, waning instrumental. Hear for yourself the two tracks and decide which one you prefer.

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RAC - filous - how hard

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