On this final weekend of summer, we offer the Weekend Showcase 2.36, our weekly playlist featuring new music from around the world. Find 50 songs on this week’s edition. Old favorites can be found as well a couple of dozen newcomers.

As usual, the playlist features a bevy of countries and regions – seventeen to be exact. The listed places reflect the artists’ current home and where they were born. They include Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Slovakia, Sweden, Wales, and the United States.

The playlist and tracklisting, as usual, follows the list of articles from the past week. Enjoy the great music and discover music’s hidden gems.




  • The Matinee September 13th – Archive, Francie Moon, GANGLY, Gothic Tropic, Kestrels, Kevin Morby, Lizzy Rose, Telempathy, VENUS II
  • The Matinee September 14th – A Festival, A Parade, Blonde Roses, Computer Magic, Maria Kelly, The New Royales, The Night Café
  • The Matinee September 15th – Communions, COTE, Henika, Jupiter Deluxe Tube, Lake South, Purling Hiss, Sorcha Richardson, Wolf People




Weekend Showcase 2.36 Tracklisting

  • Wolf People – “Ninth Night” (North London, England)
  • Archive – “Bright Lights” (London, England)
  • Feather Beds – “Play Dead” (Montreal, Canada via Dublin, Ireland)
  • The New Royales – “Lonely But Not Alone” (Los Angeles, USA & Vancouver + Toronto, Canada)
  • MIYNT – “Birds” (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • La Sera – “Queens” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • VENUS II – “Inside Your Sun” (Melbourne, Australia)
  • COTE – “Green Light” (Brooklyn, USA)
  • Living – “Risen” (Bergen, Norway via Brazil)
  • OVVLS – “Abandoned Ship” (Liverpool, England)
  • Wildwood Kin – “Warrior Daughter” (Exeter, Devon, England)
  • LACEI – “Cold Moon” (Los Angeles, USA & Jönköping, Sweden)
  • Zahed Sultan – “Cake & Butter” (Kuwait City, Kuwait)
  • Telempathy – “Carry Me Away” (Buffalo, USA)
  • Communions – “Eternity” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Kestrels – “No Alternative” (Halifax, Canada)
  • Joseph – “SOS (Overboard)” (Portland, USA)
  • Hunnymoon – “Bandit” (London, England)
  • decker. – “The Holy Ghost” (Sedona, Arizona, USA)
  • Tibet – “There Is A Place” (Cardiff, Wales)
  • GANGLY – “Holy Grounds” (Iceland)
  • Cuesta Loeb – “Dive” (Los Angeles/New York City, USA)
  • The Wytches – “Hannover Square” (Peterborough, England)
  • The Tuts – “Let Go of the Past” (London, England)
  • ZOHARA – “Play” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • Lake South – “Renters” (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • Henika – “The River” (Auckland, New Zealand via Slovakia)
  • Lizzy Rose – “Walk The Walk (You’re A Whore)” (Seattle, USA)
  • Bellows – “Thick Skin” (Brooklyn, USA)


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