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Rendition, episode 2.07


Rendition, episode 2.07 offers a buffet of 6 remixes, featuring some familiar names and new ones to discover. Let’s get to the remixes, which will help you get through the day or be the appetizer to your Friday night.

Rick Astley – “Never Gonna Give You Up” (Tidlwav Remix) (Merseyside, UK & Dallas, Texas)

Rick Astley - "Never Gonna Give You Up" (Tidlwav Remix)

I think we’re going to have to make it a regular event to have remixes of classic tunes on Rendition. For one, we get to hear how a memorable song can be reinterpreted. The other is that we can see how well (or not so well) the artist has aged. In the case of Rick Astley, he has a few more wrinkles and his face is fuller, but he still has the classic hairdo. I still has a full head of hair! Anyway, on this remix by Dallas-based producer Tidlwav, he transforms Astley’s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” into a jazzy, club-oriented remix. It’s a really clever rendition, slowing the track down into something sultry and, thus, redefining the song’s meaning.

Rick Astley Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
TidlwavFacebook | Twitter | Instagram


Lower Dens – “Ondine” (The Land Below Cover & Remix) (Baltimore, USA & Malmö, Sweden)

Lower Dens - Ondine (The Land Below remix)

Almost exactly a year ago, we profiled Swedish artist The Land Below, the project of Erik Lindestad. The dream-pop artist has reinterpreted Lower Dens’ brilliant “Ondine”. Not only has he remixed it, but he’s covered the track, adding his own whispery vocals and stunning production work to take the track to an ethereal level. The only thing that would have made this rendition better is if Jana Hunter’s vocals were more prominently featured, although you can slightly hear her as the backing vocal. A virtual duet between Hunter and Lindestad would have taken this song to the next level, although this transformation is pretty cool.

Lower Dens  – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
The Land BelowFacebook | Twitter | Instagram


Ember Island – “Need You” (Mysto & Pizzi Remix) (Northern Sweden & New York City, USA)

Ember Island - "Need You" (Mysto & Pizzi Remix)

I don’t often feature popular producers on Rendition. I’m making an exception today because Mysto & Pizzi are helping to profile the work of an immensely talented singer-songwriter from northern Sweden, Ember Island. You may have heard of the young woman, as she’s been featured on a Jack Ü track and covered The Weekend. Now, one of her own original tracks is getting the remix treatment. The NYC producers keep the dreamy nature of the original, but they add new textures and layers to further accentuate Ember Island’s lovely vocals while also augmenting the sexual tension emoted in the track.

Ember IslandFacebook | Twitter | Instagram
Mysto & PizziFacebook | Twitter | Instagram


Omodada – “All My Gods (ft. Tik Tu)” (Ummagma Remix) (Ternopil, Ukraine & Ukraine/Canada)

Omodada - "All My Gods (ft. Tik Tu)" (Ummagma Remix)

One of our favorites offers us a surprising treat. Ummagma – whom we’ve featured on several occasions for their dazzling, dreamworks, including 2015’s Frequency – take off the shoegaze outfits and turn into producers. Their remix of Ukranian producer Omodada‘s “All My Gods (ft. Tik Tu)”, is awesome. It’s haunting and alluring, leaning more towards a trip-hop approach than the dreamy, ethereal stuff we’ve become accustomed to hearing. This is one majestic remix.

Omodada Bandcamp | Facebook
UmmagmaWebsite | Facebook | Twitter


Sonya Kitchell – “Mexico” (Break Science Remix) (New York City, USA)

Sonya Kitchell - "Mexico" (Break Science Remix)Sonya Kitchell, the former teen sensation, is in the midst of a massive comeback with her new album, We Come Apart, from which the dazzling “Mexico” comes. Now NYC heavyweights Break Science have offered their rendition of this catchy and wonderful number. The producers surprisingly haven’t made the song into an anthem, opting instead to slow it down and turn the track into a stunning and dreamy electro-pop affair. Kitchell’s vocals are also transformed to add to the dark, haunting vibe that the duo have created. This rendition in a word is brilliant.

Sonya KitchellWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Break ScienceWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Satchmode – “Don’t Give Up On Me” (Betablock3r Remix) (Los Angeles, USA)

Satchmode - "Don't Give Up On Me" (Betablock3r Remix)Just last month, Wendy shared Satchmode‘s “Don’t Give Up On Me”, which she said was “saturated in sweet synths and dreamy vocals”. Wendy also shared a track by producers Betablock3r a few months ago, introducing us to the duo’s surreal soundscapes. Fast forward to today, and we see these two LA-based groups on the same track. Betablock3r dial up the pace a tad and enliven the track, giving it a summery and groovy vibe. It’s not necessary a dance anthem, but the remix completely represents the coolness of California. With this great remix, I wonder if these two duos will collaborate on new, original music in the near future. Hmmm….

Satchmode Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Betablock3rFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

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